julianne hillary Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton? No, but almost.Although we’ve yet to learn whether or not Julianne Moore can pull off a passable Sarah Palin (she’s due to play the one-time vice presidential candidate in HBO’s upcoming “Game Change”), we’d like to report that she would’ve made a stunning Hillary Clinton.

According to BlackBook, Moore was tapped to play the former first lady turned Senator “The Special Relationship,” HBO’s dramatic look at the relationship between former president Bill Clinton and erstwhile British PM Tony Blair.  

Scheduling conflicts with “The Kids Are All Right” reportedly got in the way and Moore was forced to pass on the project. Hope Davis took the role and the rest is TV history.

But, BlackBook’s Nick Haramis says he found the photo above while looking through a make-up artist’s portfolio. It features Moore supposedly in a test shot for the film. Love the helmet hair.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson