Though she was killed off “Dexter” back in December, we were thrilled to see Julie Benz attend the show’s Paley Festival event on Thursday (Mar. 4), especially since her character’s murder was the surprising twist which not only ended the season, but will change the course of the series forever. 
So, was Julie as blown away by Rita’s death as we were?
Seeing as she was told only two hours prior to getting the script, the answer is yes. “It was shocking to me, obviously” Benz shares in the clip below. “But after I got over the initial, like, ‘omigod, i lost my job’ shock, you realize it’s really aggressive storytelling and there’s really nobody else they could’ve killed that would’ve had that impact. And it made sense, you know? It really made sense. And there’s poetry in it.”
And, fyi, there are no plans to bring Rita back as a ghost giving Dexter advice. Benz says it makes sense to see Dexter’s father in that capacity, but Rita wouldn’t serve any real purpose in that position.
And besides, she’s too busy. 
The actress has already rebounded, playing Katherine Mayfair’s (Dana Delany) gay love interest on “Desperate Housewives” — a character that she says she absolutely loves and that she’d probably go gay for! — and she’s also booked the female lead role opposite Michael Chiklis in an ABC pilot. 
Of course, this pilot means she probably won’t be playing lesbian Robin on “DH” for too much longer, but there’s still a lot of story to come. 
Watch the video to hear details about what’s on tap. 
Also, as a bonus, below the Benz clip is KTV‘s one-on-one with “Dexter” boss Clyde Phillips, who explains how difficult the decision to kill off Julie actually was.

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