julie benz bob greenblatt Julie Benz survives 'Dexter' bath, dries off on 'Desperate Housewives'
Julie Benz survived the bloodiest bubble bath in TV history on the last season of “Dexter.” 
Now the actress who played Dexter’s ill-fated supportive wife has dried off and and moved onto Wisteria Lane, a street that has seen its share of psycho-killers and nutcases. 
She should feel right at home in the new season of “Desperate Housewives.”
Access Hollywood reports that Benz has been cast in the recurring role of Debbie, a stripper with a Masters in Education.


Oh, bet that drives the boys wild on Wisteria Lane and annoys the heck out of Gabby (Eva Longoria.)
Word is that Susan (Teri Hatcher) offers Debbie a job more mentally stimulating and doesn’t involve pasties and a pole. Oh, the mind boggles.
Benz was booked for at least three episodes, starting in February.
Are you glad Julie survived her traumatic demise on “Dexter?” Would you like to see her become a regular on “Housewives?”

Photo credits: Julie Benz and Showtime’s Bob Rosenblatt at the “Dexter” finale screening. WireImage