Julie Chen took on plastic surgery rumors not long after revealing on “The Talk” that she surgically altered her “Asian eyes.”

Following a side-by-side comparison picture that showed her startling transformation from her pre-surgery face to today’s, many speculated that she also had a nose job and other plastic surgery. Now the “Big Brother” host has come forward on “The Talk” to take down those rumors.

“For the record, I have never had a nose job. I have only had plastic surgery done to my eyes that I’ve already told you about. I do not have cheek implants, I did not take out fat over here to make my cheeks look more [thin]. I did not have chin surgery, I did not have a nose job. These [teeth] are not veneers. I’ve not done my teeth. I’ve never even had braces. These are all my real teeth,” Chen says on “The Talk.” “Nothing else have been done ever.”

Chen then shows a new before-and-after photo to prove that her pre-makeup face features the same ones as she had originally. She credits her slimmed down face to makeup “contouring.” Do you believe her?

julie chen plastic surgery nose job Julie Chen, 'Big Brother' host, denies nose job, other plastic surgery

Posted by:Terri Schwartz