Juliet-Charles.jpgMetallica who? If you really want to rock out, forget all the metal and hardcore bands you know. The newest kid on the block (and we do mean “kid”) is Juliet Charles, an eight-year-old girl from Australia who is rocking the internet with her YouTube video, “My First Hardcore Song.”

Her mom Kristina Charles posted a clip of her 8-year-old daughter Juliet singing to a hardcore beat, complete with angry face, headbanging hair and a puppy, which grabbed 5.7 million views in less
than 48 hours.

She tells the Daily News “Within an hour of posting the song, I just started getting thousands of
emails. I was like what is all this?” The video was recorded to a track recorded by family friend and record producer Rob Sharpe at a local park and apparently wasn’t meant for mass consumption. Uh huh. In case you’re interested, the song is available on iTunes. “We didn’t want it to be pirated, we just preferred if they could hear the real one,” says Charles. You can also buy t-shirts.

Also, we’ve already downloaded it. So how did the little peanut get into hardcore music? Mommy. “When she was a baby, she wouldn’t go to sleep unless we would
play Marilyn Manson or Slipknot,” Charles said.  “It’s probably programmed somewhere in her brain.”

Posted by:jbusch