Juliette Lewis hasn't done a movie in five years. 

She's been busy with her band, seriously touring and making music. 

But she totally kicks Ellen Page's buttocks in Drew Barrymore's new Grrl Power film, "Whip It." 

We talked to her at the "Whip It" press junket Tuesday afternoon about her intense roller derby training and about stuffing Ellen in a locker and slamming into Drew. 

Apparently, they had a kind of "Fight Club" on the set where they would all punch one another. They also compared bruises. 

Ellen told us that wasn't the worst of it. 

In one scene, she gets thrown into a hot tub, and there were several takes. 

"I got so much water up my nose," she recalled. "And it was hot tub water," she said, making a face. "Nose herpes."

Video: Elizabeth Snead

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead