junior seau new england dead Junior Seau dead in suspected suicide: NFL star survived by three childrenOn Wednesday morning, former NFL star Junior Seau was found dead at his residence in his hometown of Oceanside, CA. Officers are investigating a shooting at the home, and they suspect suicide.

43-year-old Seau leaves behind three children with his ex-wife Gina Deboer — 19-year-old Sydney Beau, 17-year-old Jake Ryan, and 12-year-old Hunter Tiaina. TMZ reports that Seau sent text messages to his ex and three children yesterday which simply read, “Love you,” but they didn’t suspect that anything was wrong and haven’t seen signs of depression.

In 2010, Seau was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, and he subsequently drove his car off a cliff. When questioned, he said he was not suicidal; he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

He was revered for his time with the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots, and played in the NFL for 20 years after being a first round draft pick in 1990 out of USC.

In addition to football, Seau was dedicated to The Junior Seau Foundation, which sought to empower at-risk kids with programs for child abuse prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, recreational opportunities, anti-juvenile delinquency efforts. Seau also owns a clothing line and a restaurant in San Diego.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie