Three stars of new movie “Jurassic World” were on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” Wednesday (June 10), and while there, it came up that Bryce Dallas Howard does a lot of running in the movie — but she’s wearing high heels the entire time, which ups the degree of difficulty.

But Howard pulls it off with aplomb. As co-star Chris Pratt says, “She did a phenomenal job. It wasn’t just on hard surfaces — this is through the jungle in Hawaii, it was through mud, and she was just a total trooper, and never once rolled an ankle or popped a knee.”

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So Corden wants to see if Pratt can also run in high heels — and he just so happens to have a pair of red pumps in Pratt’s size. “This is a great brand too, they’re called ‘Pleasers,'” cracks the former “Parks and Recreation” star.

And away he goes! It isn’t so much “running” as it is “scampering,” but he does have to be careful. Both Corden and Pratt agree that he can’t return to the set of “Magnificent 7,” which he is currently filming, with a sprained ankle and have to explain it was because he was running in pumps on a late-night talk show.

“Jurassic World” opens Friday, July 12.

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