Danieldaekim_lost_240You know, I’m trying. I’m really, really trying to understand the logic of what Lost keeps showing us in their weekly mobisode series "Missing Pieces." I thought I’d locked it down around the midpoint: these were scenes that would highlight important thematic material in Season 4. And then the series overdosed me on Artz and the whole thing derailed and now I’m left with the sneaking suspicion that I, shocker of all shockers, put waaaaay more thought into this endeavor than the writers actually did.

Here’s the good news: we’re almost down to single digits before Season 4 starts. No more getting Lost in mere two-minute chunks: now we can get it in 40-minute chunks, with 20 minutes of commercials interrupting narrative flow. So, progress, and stuff, right? With that in mind, I’ll once again forego devoting my entire Monday entry to the mobisode, and instead use it as one-fourth of a group of Lost goodness. Or maybe four downs, in honor of my beloved New England Patriots, making another appearance in the Super Bowl this year.

First Down: Jin Putt-ers Around

The powers that be at Zap2It told me I could include video clips inside my entries. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic, since I can fill endless entries with "Lookie here!" followed by four videos. This should make me job infinitely easier. Thanks, Powers That Be!

In all seriousness, this does make recapping the mobisode unnecessary, which should delight both you and me. By all means, see the higher-res version over at ABC, but feel free to watch it below as well.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of the mobisodes have featured Season 1 Jin, ie, Handcuffed Jin. I know I stated earlier that I overthink these mobisodes, but could there be a reason for the emphasis of Jin in this stage during the "Missing Pieces" series? I think about Jin’s child-to-be, and I think of his Season 1 "I’m cursed" mentality, and his "I have to leave to save you" speech to Sun at the end of Season 1, and then I think about the imminent arrival of the Freighters, and I can’t help but wonder if those feelings of salvation and sacrifice won’t resurface.

After all, by the time of the Freighters, Jin is no longer "alone": he’s patched up his relationship with Sun, has a child on the way, and has gradually learned enough English to converse with others on the Island. He has, in a sense, rediscovered the self that existed before working for Sun’s father. The time may come in Season 4 where he fulfills his promise of self-sacrifice in order to preserve the life of Sun and, by extension, his unborn child.

Second Down: Down Under

As many of you have pointed out in the comments section, the word "Abaddon," which appeared inside the ARG Find 815, refers not to a physical place, but the last name of one of the Freighters. There was confusion during the first puzzle game with the ARG, as upon completion, people either received the word "Matthew" or the word "Abaddon." Turns out (drum roll please) this discrepancy was meant to be combined to form the name…Matthew Abaddon. Which means his name can be either interpreted as "Matthew Underworld" or "Matthew Antichrist." In either case, it’s a way, way, way cooler name than I have.

Third Down: Lights Out

If you’ve been following the ARG religiously…well, you’re a better person than I am. I can’t ever remember to come back when each update goes live, and there are many ways (such as this) to keep up with the action. That being said, this little detail from Chapter 3 caught my attention.

At night, Sam notices that the electronic equipment on the bridge of the Christiane I is behaving very erratically. After pressing a few buttons, the lights come back on and everything returns to normal. Tracey later offers a few explanations for the anomalous event: lightning, a temporary failure inside the electrical system, or less likely, a strong wave of electromagnetic energy.

Now, the timeline involved with Find 815 is COMPLETELY screwy, which is why I have such a hard time following it. After all, supposedly Oceanic Airlines’ announcement of restarting flights took place in "our" world, but in the show, Jack’s been flying since April of 2007. Coupling the confusion, Sam Thomas’ hacking took place on December 31st, but while on board the Christiane I, they tell him they won’t be back before Christmas as expected. So, you know, I’m very confused, and if you can explain what I’m missing, let me know.

In any case, I looked up the timeline of the show, and learned that Desmond turned the fail safe key on November 27th, 2004. Could that be the "strong wave of electromagnetic energy" referred to by Tracey? If so, the importance of the Swan to prevent such fluctuations between the Island world and the real world? Would the apocalypse have something to do with what happened inside the Orchid? All important questions. And the answers are…um, er, hey look, a unicorn! *runs away*

Fourth Down: Pause for Reflection

By now, you may have seen the new print advertisement for the upcoming season of Lost. If not, click here and check it out. Oooh, the sky’s all foreboding. Oooh, that looks like the light from the helicopter coming to get them. Hey, what’s that in the water…holy crap is that a freakin’ city?

You tell me, people. Is that a city in the water, or is that, just maybe, ruins from the Island? Maybe the Temple referred to by Ben at the end of Season 3? Let’s apply Ockham’s Razor and state the Island, in that we know action this season will take place off the Island.

But look closer at the water. Look directly below Jack. Let your eye drift between the edifice and the text at the bottom. Is that a "6" floating in the water? Doesn’t it look a lot like the mysterious "6" seen in the Season 4 trailer? Looks like rumors of the "Oceanic 6" are correct, and these six literal hover over everything in the outside world.

And tell me: why is the "6" right side up if the city is upside down? I’m so confused. Pleased and excited, to be sure, but completely confused. So I’ll leave it in your hands, gentle readers, to help me tease out these images. (In a non-spoiler fashion, if you please.)

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