Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV … 

Annoyingly hip Oscar-nominated "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody will soon be on the small screen with Showtime’s new series, "The United States of Tara."

In the edgy new comedy created by Cody and Steven Spielberg, Toni Collette plays a woman with multiple  personalities, including (but perhaps not limited to) a slutty
teenager, a redneck man and a "Desperate Housewives" Bree Hodge-like

"Sex and the City" hunk John Corbett plays her patient husband who has to try to avoid having sex with his wife’s multiples. This is not easy because all of them are trying to seduce him. Except the redneck dude.

The show premieres on Jan. 18 (It’s streaming on the Showtime website now for free! ). I’ve already watched several episodes and it really did grow on me. Can you smell several Globes nods in 2010?

And the best part? Ellen Page‘s not in it. And none of the characters are nearly as annoying as Pages wisecracking, pregnant teen. Thank heavens.

— Elizabeth Snead

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead