carla gugino justified 'Justified': Carla Gugino and a scary man come to townCarla Gugino comes to the marshall’s office, the witness protection program is compromised and Raylan tries to put a stop to Boyd’s plan on the newest “Justified.” Oh, and a scary, scary man is in town.

In the Case of the Week, Marshall Bill Nichols is killed and the other marshals suspect it was to gain access or information about the witness protection program people he’s guarding. Marshal Brooks and Chief Mullen are dispatched to protect Nichols’ people located in their neck of the woods.

Meanwhile, Assistant Director Karen Goodall is brought in (the lovely Carla Gugino) and she and Raylan are sent to get information out of Litlte Joe Delahunt, who they believe might be behind Nichols’ murder.

But it’s not Delahunt. One of the protectees, Walter Vondis (now named Terry Po) wanted to get back in Delahunt’s good graces, so he needed $2 million. He got that money by ratting out Mary Archer’s location to some thugs of Carlos Salazar’s. But Agent Brooks is there to save the day, making a bad-ass save from the attic. And Chief Mullen wasn’t too shabby himself, beating the information out of Walter.

In the course of all this, Raylan realizes that Boyd picked a fight with him on purpose to get thrown back in jail and arranges for his release and Dickie to be put in solitary for his own protection. But Boyd gets to Dickie anyway (by picking another fight, this time with a large group of black prisoners while sporting his Nazi tattoo) and threatens to kill Dickie unless he gives up the location of Mags’ hoarded money.

Boyd’s in jail and Raylan figured out he’s up to avenging Ava being shot by Dickie, so he amends his statement to get Boyd out and he gets Dickie put in solitary. But Boyd’s smart. He gets a guard to look the other way and picks a fight with the black prisoners while sporting his Nazi tattoo. The guard takes him to solitary and lets him into Dickie’s cell, where he threatens him for Mags’ money.

But guess who has it? Ellstin Limehouse, a scary, scary man who has come to town. He demonstrates his scariness by threatening a subordinate with lye and water, which as we all know from “Fight Club” creates a horrendous chemical burn.

We can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • When Marshal Nichols told Mary Archer that WitSec has never lost a protectee who has followed the rules, he (and the show) were not exaggerating. As long as people follow the rules for contacting family, financial obligations, etc., witness protection has never lost a one.
  • This exchange was a highlight. We love Boyd and Raylan’s dynamic.

    “What do you make of a man who divorces a woman, then gets her pregnant, then wonders if maybe they should move in together?”
    “Well now, Raylan, you’re talking to a man who’s sleeping with his dead brother’s widow and murderess. So if you’re looking for someone to cast stones at you on this matter, I think you’ve picked the wrong sinner.”

  • It was great to see Rachel back in action. We liked her last season and it was fun to see her get some screentime.
  • Raylan and Karen’s take-down in the hotel hallway was awesome. We also like the sexual tension dynamic between the two. 

What did you think, “Justified” fans?

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