raylan badge justified 'Justified': From drinkin' too many Jack and CokeThe latest episode of “Justified” sees Raylan framed not once, but twice, by Quarles. He seems to have wriggled free, because Raylan is about 100x smarter than all the dopes investigating him, but Quarles is not happy about it.

Gary’s murder actually took us by surprise. Not because Quarles killed him – we figured that was coming – but because we thought there would be more build-up to that point. We didn’t expect it within the first few frames. But it set up nicely the rest of the episode, namely Raylan with the Lexington Police breathing down his neck for Gary’s murder and the Feebies on him because Sammy Tonin “mentions” that Raylan’s dirty while agents listen in.

The recounting of the dropped bullet story might be our second-favorite scene of the season so far – the officer’s reaction gave us a good solid laugh, so much so that we had to rewind the DVR because we missed what happened after that. Way to zig when we thought you’d zag, show.

(For the record, the first favorite scene was when Raylan beat the tar out of Ethan Rom from “Lost.”)

Winona appears to be on her way out for good, which doesn’t break our heart any. It would’ve been interesting to see Raylan with a wife and kid, but that’s not really the show we know and love, plus Winona has always grated on our nerves. It would be pretty predictable if Quarles, now that Gary’s murder didn’t stick, got to Winona and used her as leverage against Raylan, so we hope that’s not where that’s going. Though Season 4 Raylan on a rampage because his baby and baby mama got killed might be really interesting.

A Limehouse-Quarles alliance is about the most terrifying thing ever – both of those actors are aces this season at scaring the living daylights out of us. Especially since Quarles is so close to the edge – popping Oxy pills, (presumably) killing that male hustler, just basically being a complete sociopath. And Neal McDonough is so creepy looking in the role.

The nice thing is a Limehouse-Quarles alliance will keep Raylan working with Boyd and Ava, which is a tension we like best on this show. Raylan and Boyd can’t ever become too buddy-buddy, but we like them working in tandem.

What did you think of “Watching the Detectives”?

And just in case you were wondering (because we were), the female singer at the beginning is Lynda Kay. She reminds us a bit of Patsy Cline and we think we’ll have to download her single “Jack & Coke” now.

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