timothy olyphant justified s2 320 'Justified': Raylan Givens knows Han shot firstYou might not peg Raylan Givens as a “Star Wars” fan, but it turns out the lead character in “Justified” has a little bit of geek cred.

It’s on display in the teaser for the show’s second season, which premieres Feb. 9 on FX. Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and a suspect are in a bar, and Givens notes how much it reminds him of the cantina scene: “Did you know that in the original version, Han shoots first? But then they changed it, so that the bad guy pulls on Han first.”

It’s a great 30 seconds of promotion, capturing both Givens’ tendency to shoot first, the tension that being around someone as tightly wound as he is creates and the show’s sly sense of humor. Take a look:

Posted by:Rick Porter