justified hole in the wall 'Justified' Season 4 premiere   'Hole in the Wall': What's in the bag?As it does each season, “Justified” began a new story with its premiere Tuesday (Jan. 8). That means a good amount of setup and introduction to some of the new characters.

But what a setup it was. The show deftly handled the exposition of Boyd’s new problem with the preacher and Raylan’s need for extra cash now that he has a child on the way (even though Winona is gone). It didn’t illuminate a lot about the central mystery involving Raylan and his dad, but the cards it did show were awfully tantalizing.

The episode opens 30 years ago, with a man crashing into a cul de sac … from the sky. The parachute didn’t open, and lying next to the body is a diplomatic pouch and several pouches of cocaine.

Cut to today, when a couple of young thieves in Arlo’s house poke a hole in the wall (hence the title) and find that pouch. Constable Bob (a very good Patton Oswalt, fitting right in to Harlan) stops them, and Raylan discovers the pouch.

Arlo won’t offer up any information about the pouch or the driver’s license inside it. But it must be a big deal — he kills a fellow inmate who gets nosy.

It’s a wonderful opening to a potentially very rich story: Raylan’s time in Harlan has always been at least partly about reconciling his past, and this season it looks as if it’s coming front and center. We can’t wait to see where it takes him.

What did you think of the “Justified” premiere? Where do you think the bag will take Raylan?

Posted by:Rick Porter