justified season 4 spoilers 'Justified' Season 4 spoilers: A love interest for Raylan, an ally for Boyd and a preacher manFX drama “Justified” starring Timothy Olyphant is gearing up to start casting its recurring characters for Season 4, and Zap2it has the scoop about some new faces coming to Harlan County.

Boyd gets a new friend in the form of Colt, a veteran of Desert Storm and an MP, who jailed Boyd several times during their tour in Kuwait. Colt has always been on the right side of the law, but when he comes to Harlan and starts working for Boyd, all that changes.

With Winona out of the picture (at least as a romantic partner), naturally Raylan will need a new lady to flirt with (and maybe more). We speculate that Sharon Edmunds is just that woman — she is described as “extremely hot” and “no-nonsense,” so that sounds right up Raylan’s alley. She does bail bonds in Knoxville and sends Raylan out to catch double-murderer Jody Adair.

Raylan has a new ally in Season 4 in the form of Constable Bob, who, at first glance, appears to be a bit of a bumbling sheriff-type character. But he is hired by Raylan to watch Arlo’s house and then teams up with Raylan to help bring back Adair, managing to prove his worth. Constable Bob is definitely a local good ol’ boy, proud of his survivalist “go bag” and his one football story from his glory days.

Adair, the bail jumper Raylan is after at the request of Sharon, teams up with oxy addicts Benny and Roz after they break into Arlo’s house to steal some unknown object. Constable Bob doesn’t catch Benny and Roz and they boost Raylan’s car, not knowing Jody is in the trunk — and also discovering Constable Bob’s “go bag” in the car.

Turning to what is possibly the season-long adversary, Billy St. Cyr will come into play in Harlan County. He’s a young, charismatic preacher at the Holy Ghost Revival Church in Black Lick Holler. His “saving” of local drug addicts is rather hilariously cutting into Boyd’s business, which Boyd is not OK with. In fact, Boyd is particularly annoyed with Hiram Pugh, a once wild drug addict turned pious man who was “saved” by Billy. Since Pugh is no longer afraid to die, he refuses to pay up to Boyd. Which should end well for all involved.

The Holy Ghost Revival is the whole nine yards — people speaking in tongues, snake bites, the works. Billy’s partner in this revival endeavor is his older sister Cassie, who is a little rougher around the edges than her baby brother. She’ll do anything to protect him and his church.

There are a few other recurring characters who we aren’t sure exactly how they fit in to everything. Sam is a prisoner alongside Arlo whose eavesdropping and curiosity gets him killed, while Sherman is a man seen in flashbacks to 1985 who gets a surprise when a parachuting diplomatic courier from Panama lands dead in his driveway with a backpack full of cocaine.

And lest you wonder if Ava’s best girl Ellen May is going to be seen again, we can assure you she is — a client of Ellen May’s is a local judge who puts on a post-coital bear costume and ends up getting shot by everyone’s favorite Kentucky hooker. As one does.

What do you think, “Justified” fans? A lot to look forward to. Are there any casting choices that jump out to you?

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