justified over the mountain 'Justified' Season 5, episode 4   'Over the Mountain': All roads lead to HarlanWith Tuesday’s (Jan. 27) episode of “Justified,” we’re roughly a third of the way through the season. As the show has done in the past, episode 4, “Over the Mountain,” starts bringing previously separate plot elements closer together.

So not only do we discover that the now departed Wade Messer was informing on Boyd for the feds, and not only do we see Art get some troubling new information of Nicky Augustine’s murder from the Canadian drug dealer played by Will Sasso. But we also learn Johnny’s partner in trying to take Boyd down is the dealer Raylan ran across two episodes back, while dealing with Loretta’s situation.

And that while Lee Paxton may still want to see Ava go down, she has at least some protection from the likes of Deputy Doyle, either via Boyd or some other benefactor. And that Raylan’s relationship with Allison is both fulfilling (physically and emotionally, given his penchant for wanting to protect and fix the women in his life) and a source of ideas for his job. It’s unlikely he pulls the gambit of putting Kendall Crowe in state custody without hearing Allison talk about the awful day she’s just had.

Last but certainly not least, “Over the Mountain” gives us the first direct interaction between Raylan and Boyd, and it does not disappoint. It’s very much an opening-round kind of scene, in that both men — and Tim, along as Raylan’s backup and very much holding his own — are not nearly as serious as they could be, given that Wade is dead and Boyd is plotting against his cousin.

Still, the scene carries an incredible amount of energy. Boyd has been through some rough stuff in the first three episodes, and in a perverse way he seems to enjoy knocking heads with his old acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Daryl digs his claws deeper into Harlan by having Dewey lead Wade out to his death. It goes just about as you’d expect when Dewey gets such a task, but the fact that Wade does eventually die means Daryl has Dewey bound up, a pawn once again. Which is not really a surprise, given who Dewey is, but it is a sign that Daryl will not go quietly.

And we have to talk a little bit about Danny Strong‘s guest turn as the pint-sized and pervy jail guard. He tries to put the moves on Ava, only to be delayed by a fellow guard — who then gives him a beatdown for going after a “protected” inmate. The book could be closed there, but it would be great to see him return later in the season, if only for the height gags alone.

What did you think of “Justified” this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter