Season 4 of “Justified” is just over the horizon, and thanks to a new teaser from FX you can see the first brief glimpses of what Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Co. are up to when the series returns in January.

Amid flashes of the show’s trademark gallows humor — at one point, Raylan deadpans, “There may be some gunplay involved” — and tense moments between Raylan and a group of armed men, a couple of scenes stand out.

The first is at the top of the 30-second spot, with Boyd (Walton Goggins) confronting a revival preacher (Joe Mazzello) about being a “false prophet.” We already know the two characters will clash, and it appears to start pretty early.

The second moment comes when Raylan visits his dad, Arlo (Raymond J. Berry), in prison. “You think you get all your turmoil from me?” Arlo asks. That could be a reference to a cold case Raylan is investigating that reaches back to his childhood.

“Justified” premieres at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, Jan. 8 on FX. Which parts of the teaser intrigue you the most?

Posted by:Rick Porter