joelle carter justified loose ends 'Justified's' Walton Goggins: 'Ava crossed the biggest line. It's something to behold'A lot happened in Harlan County in the latest episode of “Justified” – the Sheriff’s election is imminent, with Boyd getting his fingers in that particular pie, and Raylan going after Tanner Dodd in an effort to get to Quarles (with a heartbreaking turn by the actress who played Tanner’s mother).

But for our money, Ava took the cake this episode. And actor Walton Goggins agrees.

Joelle Carter, who plays Ava, crossed the biggest line. It’s something to behold. I don’t think people will see Ava the same way anymore,” Goggins tells Zap2it at a recent press day. “And I don’t think anyone will ever question Ava’s place at the table again.”

Goggins also was a huge fan of Boyd’s political activism at the town hall meeting.

“Boyd gets an opportunity to, in some ways, stand in front of a pulpit and galvanize the people behind him in order to sway this election for the upcoming sheriff election in this way. So it’s his way of kind striking back. The thing with Boyd Crowder, he doesn’t always strike back with a gun … the most powerful weapon in his arsenal are his oratorical skills, his use of words,” says Goggins.

As for the season moving forward, for Boyd we can look forward to his continuing to build his criminal empire and being motivated by money.

“In Season 3, it’s all about building this criminal empire in a way that is slow and methodical. He’s hamstrung by his crew,” says Goggins. “But it doesn’t matter to Boyd. Hopefully for the first time in his life he’s able to see an endgame. He’s a different person the way he approaches everything. Much quieter and much more thoughtful about it.”

As for moving forward towards Season 4, Goggins says he hopes Boyd will start to have a motivation other than money.

“I would like to have Boyd have the motivations for the things that he does going forward to be in the service of love,” says Goggins. “I don’t think he’s ever experienced that before. When you’re able to give somebody something because you love him and you’ve never loved before, that’s a runaway train.”

We can’t wait to see it. What did you think of the latest episode of “Justified,” fans?

Additional reporting by Jenna Busch.

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