Ke$ha has got her eyes on Selena Gomez‘ potentially on-again man. The “Take It Off” singer admits in a new interview that she’d have sex with Justin Bieber since he is finally of age.

“Sure,” she says when asked by Rolling Stone (via E! News) if she’d hook up with Biebs, adding, “Wait, is he even legal? Could I go to jail for this?”

Yes, Bieber is now 18, which means it finally is legal for 25-year-old Ke$ha to become cozy with the younger man. But would she want to? She claims she’s interested.

“OK, then I would,” Ke$ha says. “We could go out and buy lottery tickets, vote, play putt-putt golf. All the things that are legal at the age of 18.”

How adorable — though Gomez might not think so.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz