selena justin kissing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing? Fan says the proof is Bieber's fingers

So does this mean Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are really dating, officially ending the worst kept secret in young Hollywood? A blog that covers all things Bieber,16, named Bieber Heiress (Seriously), posted this picture of a couple kissing saying it’s definitely the singer and Gomez, 18. You can’t see their faces, but the boy is wearing a necklace identical to one Bieber has worn to public events.

]]>Bieber Heiress claims the picture is not photoshopped, saying, “It is not a myth, this picture is 100% authentic.” The proof offered that it is indeed Justin in the picture (besides the matching necklace)? “The hairstyles are identical. Not to mention Justin’s fingers. We don’t know why, but some reason we think he has really recognizable hands.” We. Are. Speechless. Now, onto the detective work regarding Gomez. Heiress searched for a picture of Gomez’s profile to prove that it is her in the picture. “We made sure to show a pic where you can see her profile, including her ears, to prove that it is indeed her. Even the eyebrows are the same. It’s pretty obvious that it’s Miss Gomez.” Well done, Heiress. Rumors of Gomez and Bieber dating began after the two were spotted eating pancakes at an IHOP together. Gomez denied a romantic relationship, but said that Bieber has pretty eyes. We can’t tell if the picture is fake or real, just like their relationship. What do you think, Zappers? Do you think this picture is the real deal?

Bieber’s rep tells Celebuzz that the photo is photoshopped and is not Justin or Selena. They also added that they hope “no one is actually paying money for that photo.” And there you have it. Sorry, “Jelena” (or is it “Julena”) fans!

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