justin bieber selena gomez espys Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shut down Staples Center to watch 'Titanic'When Justin Bieber tweeted, “romance isnt dead. treat your lady right fellas. ” on Friday, he wasn’t talking about the occasional box of See’s Candy and a handful of carnations.

That night, Bieb took girlfriend Selena Gomez to attend her BFF-turned-frenemy-turned-BFF Demi Lovato’s concert at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Afterward, according to TMZ, he led Selena through an underground passage to the Staples Center, LA’s largest sports arena. Though the Staples Center seats up to 20,000 fans for concerts (like the three that Justin sold out there this year), on Friday night it only sat two.

Justin and Selena watched a screening of “Titanic.” Romantic, right? He got the idea from the movie “Mr. Deeds,” in which where Adam
Sandler’s super-rich character surprises Winona Ryder with a date at Madison Square Garden.


And the best part? He didn’t even have to pay for the place. The Powers that Be were so grateful for his contribution to lining their pockets during those three sold-out shows that they put on the screening for free.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie