justin bieber and selena gomez break up gi Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: 'Trust issues' led to breakupThe narrative in the breakup of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has shifted a little bit.

When news of their split broke late Friday (Nov. 9), the story was “they broke up because of their hectic schedules.” Now, at least according to a couple of reports, it’s “she broke up with him.”

“With them being apart so much it got complicated. She had some trust issues,” a source tells People. “It’s not easy, but the relationship needed to end.” Us Weekly echoes the “trust issues” line in a quote from its source, who also notes that the couple’s schedules kept them apart for long stretches.

The Us source also says, however, that Bieber, 18, and Gomez, 20, might not be over for good.

“It changes from day to day. Right now it is a break and tomorrow it could be back on knowing them. … It’s hard to say how they will end up. Maybe she feels more serious about it this time.”

What do you think? Are Justin and Selena done for good, or do you hold out hope for a reconciliation?

Posted by:Rick Porter