justin beiber the voice car Justin Bieber announces 'Believe' record release on 'The Voice,' agrees to return for finale performanceJustin Bieber stopped by “The Voice” on Tuesday to debut a short clip from his new video, “Boyfriend.” Yes, a clip. He traveled to LA and came on a television show to show off a clip that wasn’t even a minute long, because he’s Justin Bieber and he can do whatever he wants.

“The Voice” has a notoriously annoying crowd — seriously, folks, save your screamed “I love you”s for commercial breaks, please — but they got exponentially louder when Carson Daly introduced Justin.

“I think you guys are going to really love the video. There’s just a little part I want to show you, I can’t show you the whole thing,” Bieber teased, before airing the first part of the video. Fans were treated to a few seconds of Bieber whisper-rapping in the ear of a Selena Gomez lookalike. We also saw some shots of Bieber silhouetted by a bright light, snapping his fingers and playing the guitar, and getting groped by a slew of hands.

After the debut, Bieber and Adam Levine shared an inside joke — and the audience was definitely on the outside. “I know we didn’t get to do our little supergroup, but it’s Kenny’s fault. We were gonna do this supergroup but he released his single, I released my single…” Bieber tried to explain, before Levine interrupted with, “I quit. I’m sorry bro.”

He then announced the release of his new record. “The record, ‘Believe’ is going to be coming out on June 19,” Bieber said. “I’m positive. I’m not gonna change the date.”

Noting that Bieber had yet to publicly perform “Boyfriend,” Daly invited him to return to “The Voice’s” finale in three weeks to take the song to the stage. Bieber gladly accepted.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie