bieber kutcher gi Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher may co star in hilarious, completely original comedyTeen singing sensation and indefatigable Internet meme Justin Bieber is reportedly in talks to co-star in the buddy comedy “What Would Kenny Do?” with Ashton Kutcher, grown-up, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The Bieb would play a teenager who “meets a hologram” (Kutcher) “claiming to be the adult version of himself; the hologram then helps to guide the teen through high school.”

According to the LA Times, the script was originally written as an R-rated comedy but, sensing the loss of millions of tween girl box office dollars, it has since been rewritten to a less raunchy, more kid-friendly version that has Kutcher’s character jumping back in time (ala “Quantum Leap”?) to help his younger self.

The deal is far from done, apparently, since Bieber is committed to a packed touring schedule until 2012.

Could this be the beginning of Justin’s crossover to leading man boy?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson