justin bieber nicki minaj amas 2012 Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards 2012: Selena Gomez gets a shout out during the performanceAll eyes were on Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, especially following an eventful post-breakup weekend in which he and Selena Gomez made headlines for their (maybe?) failed attempts at reconciliation and public arguments. He brought his mom, Patti Mallette, as his date, so we figured he and Selena may have called it quits for good.

Justin channeled some of his inner pain into a stripped-down acoustic performance of his hit “As Long As You Love Me.” We’ve got to give him some major points for the live singing… though, we have to take those points away for the obvious lip-syncing when the lights came up for his performance of “Beauty and the Beat.”

His awkwardly saggy leather pants (complete with dance-friendly knee pads) didn’t help matters. Leather pants were not meant to give your business room to breathe, Biebs.

Justin’s fans were anxiously awaiting Nicki Minaj‘s verse in the song, which actually mentions Selena. (Er… “Selener.” Because it had to rhyme with “wiener.”) Rumors spread over the weekend that the reference would be removed and potentially replaced with “Belieber,” but Justin and Nicki opted to keep the reference in the song after all. A last-ditch attempt to win Selena over after their tumultuous weekend? Perhaps.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie