justinbieber 375 Justin Bieber at the Citadel Outlet Mall    no riots, but not from lack of tryingOn Dec. 14, Justin Bieber performed at the Citadel Outlet mall in Commerce, CA. We were there because who doesn’t love the potential for a good mall riot, especially at Christmastime! Check out the video below.

]]> We think they’re now so paranoid about tween girls getting trampled that the poor MC spent close to an hour trying to corral the fans with statements like, “We will cancel the concert if you don’t cooperate” and “Chant all you want, Justin won’t come out until everybody’s safe.” This delay did give us ample time to find fans to interview. Unfortunately, a lone adult with a video camera at a Justin Bieber concert tends to come across like a giant creeper. But we finally found two nice young ladies named Natalie and Julia, who were more than happy to tell us why they love them some Bieber: Aw man, subtract 20 years and substitute “Joey McIntyre” for “Justin Bieber” and that video could’ve been us. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz More Justin Bieber dish Justin Bieber asks the deep questions on Twitter
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