justin bieber miami concert gi Justin Bieber bails on hundreds of heartbroken fans in MiamiJustin Bieber broke the hearts of hundreds of young Beliebers in Miami when he no-showed a fan appearance set up as a shoot for his upcoming concert film.

More than 1,000 Bieber fans from local charity groups say they were made to wait all day, and had signed movie releases with the promise Bieber would make an appearance. One jilted Belieber tells Perez Hilton, “His ‘people’ treated the audience like cattle, herding them outside using excuses such as ‘he was out late last night,’ which is extremely inappropriate to say to children.”

Adding insult to injury, Justin didn’t take the stage at Miami’s American Airlines Arena until more than three hours after the opening act started, which means he didn’t finish performing until close to midnight. Bieber’s handlers say he was feeling ill, but some doubting fans reported seeing him riding a bike around the arena.
An angry mother writes on Miami’s Local 10 website, “My daughter and her friend spent the whole weekend excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity, only to be dissed and disrespected by Beiber. He does realize that he got his stardom through the help of the very fans he’s just dissed?” In a video report on the site, another young fan says, “I’m crying because Justin Bieber made us feel bad.”

Bieber’s “Believe Tour” finale concert and the fan appearance were to be filmed for a concert movie shot by “Never Say Never” director Jon M. Chiu. After the concert, the Biebs tweeted, “MUCH LOVE to all the fans…my #beliebers for the support and love. I do this for u. THANK U.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of newly-minted “dis-Beliebers” are still waiting for an apology.

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