justin bieber banned Justin Bieber banned from indoor skydiving arena for not paying and being 'disrespectful'

Don’t expect to see Justin Bieber visiting Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving any time soon. The pop star and his entourage have been banned from the indoor attraction for reportedly making a mess, refusing to pay and being generally obnoxious.

A representative for the company tells E! News that Bieber has been placed on the Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving’s “No Fly” list for life. What could he have done that was so terrible? Not only were Bieber and his group of friends and security members “a disrespectful bunch,” but they also made an agreement to get out of paying for the experience and never followed through.

When Bieber and his group arrived toatthe indoor skydiving arena minutes before it closed, they told the employees who admitted them that they would handle payment after flying. According to E! News, Bieber said he would post an Instagram shot of himself midflight with a favorable comment about Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Though he pretended to do so as agreed after the experience, he never actually followed through.

Bieber could have easily just forked up the $1600 bill for everyone flying and avoided the bad press — it’s not like he’s hurting for cash. Instead he opted to make a bad name for himself, look a bit spoiled and also be rude to the people who helped him out by letting him and his entourage skydive when the business was about to close. Bieber reportedly didn’t even tip the flight instructors when he left, let alone paying them. Neither Bieber not his representative commented at press time.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz