justin bieber pizza fans Justin Bieber buys pizzas for fans camped outside his hotel

Justin Bieber‘s fans might not know the definition of “refrain,” but at least they know the pop star they adore loves them back. A whole slew of people have been camping out outside Langham Place, Fifth Avenue — the upscale hotel Bieber is staying at in NYC while he’s on tour — and though he’s reportedly snuck past them for his Starbucks runs, he’s still taken the time to make them feel appreciated.

According to E! News, Bieber sent pizzas to the fans hanging out outside the hotel waiting in the rain for him. That’s a pretty cute gesture, especially considering all those people camped out probably aren’t making his life any easier.

On July 30, Bieber also reportedly went out and sang to the crowd gathered while he did an impromptu meet-and-greet outside the hotel. “To all the fans outside the hotel I hear u. And I love u! Thanks,” he tweets.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz