justin bieber bald for bieber cancer Justin Bieber cancer hoax: Did fans shave their heads for nothing?Oops. The internet pranksters at the 4chan message boards schemed up an elaborate hoax to fool Justin Bieber fans into thinking that their idol has cancer – which he certainly doesn’t. Not cool, 4chan.

The tricksters faked a tweet from Entertainment Tonight’s official account, reading “Pop star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support.”

They doctored a few photos of young girls with shaved heads to make it appear that they were holding signs reading “Bald for Bieber.” They then created false images of more tweets — one from Justin, thanking ET for their support, and tweets from Kanye West and Chris Brown offering Justin words of encouragement.

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Again, it was all a hoax. Justin’s bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, denied the rumors on Twitter shortly after they began. But thanks to Tumblr, the rumors spread like wildfire. Videos like the one below, were created.

So did any Bieber fans actually shave their heads before getting all the facts? We hope not — but radio station 105.1 reports that fans did shave their heads and tweet pics!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie