Even Justin Bieber is not immune to the draw of a post-Christmas sale. 
The Biebs got in on a little Boxing Day action in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, hitting the Fairview Park Mall for some bargains. Naturally, a stampede ensued.
“There were vases being broken, and people climbing over other people and a lot of screaming,” shopper Taylor Inder tells the Guelph Mercury newspaper. 
JB began his shopping visit looking for some jeans and ended the day trying on sunglasses with a police escort. 
The Sunglass Hut manager, Sarah Pelletier, was instructed to close the store doors and allow the Biebs to shop in peace. She says, “I was concerned because there was hundreds of girls out there and three police officers at my glass doors, and I’m like ‘I don’t think this is a good mix.'”
Pelletier continues, “I’m glad he supports his local economy and he said he keeps some of his money in Canada.” 
Purchase aside, once word traveled of his mall trip the stores were flooded with Beliebers, eager to walk on the now sacred ground. One can only assume that stock in Sunglass Hut has risen as well. 
“Oh my god, Justin Bieber walked on this ground,” squealed 13-year-old Sydney May upon entering the store. 
Another shopper was lucky enough to actually catch a glimpse of the “One Time” singer. A moment we’re sure she will never forget.
“I was crying … and I was shaking and sweating,” exclaims Rylee Ellis, who spent the better part of Christmas day putting together a Justin Bieber puzzle.
Bieber later tweeted, “Of course i had to join in on Boxing day….I’m Canadian.” 
Thanks to this golden-haired pop-god, we suspect the Canadian shopping holiday was only the beginning for the Fairview Park Mall.
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci