Miley Cyrus may not be a Rebecca Black fan, but Justin Bieber showed his fellow YouTube phenom a little love during a recent performance. Or did he?

In this video taken by a concertgoer, we see Biebs belting out an acoustic version of his hit “Pray” before launching into a few bars of “Friday” for his encore with Jaden Smith. Thankfully, he quickly came to his senses asking the crowd, “No? Maybe we should do ‘Baby’?” From where we’re sitting, the reference seems like more of a joke than a nod. Something we’re totally ok with.

Obviously referring to his hit single which boasts the lines, “I was like baby, baby, baby, ooh/Like baby, baby, baby noo,” Bieber decided to launch into a little old school Britney Spears, instead. What a jokester.

It kind of warms our heart to see the 17-year-old gyrate to “Hit Me Baby (One More Time).” Whatever, don’t judge us. Not to worry though, he amps up the energy and transitions into his own single shortly after.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci