kylie jenner justin bieber instagram Justin Bieber dating Kylie Jenner rumor started by Instagram prankThis seems like a pretty elaborate — and silly — prank, but apparently Kim Kardashian‘s little sister Kylie Jenner thought it would be cute to make her fans think she is dating Justin Bieber.

Kylie sent out a tweet directing fans to follow her new Instagram account, under the username “iputthedistrictonmyback.” On that profile, she posted a photo of herself holding hands with the Biebs and linked to Justin’s supposedly secret Instagram account. Her caption? “Follow my babyyy.”

Of course the Internet all but imploded at this point, until it was revealed the photo was the result of some pretty decent Photoshop skills. Basically, someone pasted Kylie’s head on to the body of Selena Gomez in an old paparazzi photo.

Weirded out yet? Or just bored, like Kylie must be? It seems perhaps Miss Jenner needs to pick up some more modeling jobs because she apparently has way too much free time on her hands. It would also appear the publicity-hungry blood runs in the family.

Posted by:mchance