Justin Bieber didn’t do himself any favors in his March 6 deposition over a battery lawsuit filed by photographer Jeffrey Binion. The photog claims Bieber’s bodyguard beat him up, but based on snippets of the deposition released by TMZ, Bieber wasn’t having any of it.

Seriously, Bieber came out looking like an absolutely horrible human being in these videos. From his slurred words (was he even sober?) to his wink at the camera in the above clip, Bieber seems to embody all the negative things people have to say about him. 

It is hard to completely judge the deposition from these brief clips. Bieber gets annoyed by the nature of the questions asked here, but it could be they lead to justified ends. He frequently compares the deposition to a journalistic interview — likely because the conversation sometimes touches on hot-button media topics like his relationship with Selena Gomez — and Bieber even pretends to fall asleep at one point.

By far the best/worst snippet is the below one, which has such a great moment we won’t spoil it for you:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz