justin bieber heat pacers game 7 leather shirt chains Justin Bieber dons leather shirt, glossy lips at Heat Pacers Game 7, earns GIFs and online ridiculeYou know how sometimes a hot girl, like the quarterback’s girlfriend or coach’s wife, will get on camera at a nationally-televised sporting event and suddenly the internet goes wild for said beauty? This is kind of like that, except it’s Justin Bieber and he looks like a giant tool.

The Biebs is apparently in attendance at Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, looking oh-so-stylish in a leather shirt, gold chains and — is that Hypercolor? Please be Hypercolor — Heat hat.

He appears to be wearing mostly the same outfit from the Billboard Music Awards two weeks ago, so we’d like to think he’s just been on some leather-shirt-gold-chain bender ever since he got booed.

Bieber is sitting next to one of the many entourage members we assume help drive his Ferrari at upwards of 88 miles per hour in his Calabasas neighborhood, while the unsuspecting girl on the other side of Bieber looks pretty amused to be getting her picture taken.

The pop star also has with him a towering bodyguard, because those people in rows 2-8 surely don’t care if they can see the game or not.

Also, isn’t Bieber a Lakers fan?

The best tweets we saw about Bieber include:

  • “Looking solely at twitter, it seems like a basketball game broke out at a Justin Bieber concert.” — Nicole Auerbach
  • “Justin Bieber looks like the girl that needs to go check the laundry during episodes of To Catch A Predator.” — James Rhine
  • “Is it just me, or is possible that @AmandaBynes and @JustinBieber have the same face now?” — Matt F, 95 Sports
  • “I can explain the wardrobe. Justin Bieber is dead and his friends decided to Weekend At Bernies him.” — Dave Lozo
  • “Justin Bieber balling hard with his Miami Heat hat, glossy lips at Game 7” — Larry Brown Sports

Then there’s this:

justin bieber heat pacers gif Justin Bieber dons leather shirt, glossy lips at Heat Pacers Game 7, earns GIFs and online ridicule
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