justin bieber super bowl jet gi Justin Bieber heads to Super Bowl, plane immediately detained over marijuana smellWhere ever Justin Bieber goes these days, it seems as if trouble follows.

The pop star, who is currently facing three criminal investigations in two separate countries, decided to go wheels up and jet off to New York for the Super Bowl, TMZ reports. And what do you know — police were waiting for him when he arrived.

Bieber chartered a private jet on Friday (Jan. 31) from Canada, bringing along some friends and his dad Jeremy to hit up some pre-game parties. However, once the plane touched down just outside NYC at Teterboro airport in New Jersey, authorities immediately held him and his crew for questions because of a strong marijuana odor emanating form the vessel.

After a search of the plane and its passengers didn’t yield any results, all passengers were released.

Not the best way to kick off a party weekend. But, then again, maybe a party weekend is the last thing Bieber needs.

Posted by:Billy Nilles