justin bieber golden globes Justin Bieber hits Golden Globes for no reason in particularIf you thought “huh?” when it was announced that Justin Bieber would be presenting at the Golden Globes this year, you’re not alone.

“They put it in my schedule so I just kind of showed up,” he told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, which he walked alongside Jon M. Chu,  the director of his upcoming 3-D movie, “Never Say Never.”

Bieber says that the movie may be more of a tearjerker than we expect. “The movie is really inspiring and I feel like a lot of people will be really, like I said, inspired by it,” he says, explaining that the movie delves into his relationship with his father, who lives in Canada with his two other children and doesn’t make it to many of Bieber’s shows.

Chu says it’s hard for Justin to talk about the movie — but Chu doesn’t have that problem. “To see this kid from Canada find his voice online and have the fans choose him… it’s a fairytale for this generation,” he says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie