justin bieber fan make out Justin Bieber hooks up with a fan and there's a photo: Cue apocalypseWe’re definitely not Justin Bieber haters (since we’re grown ups and we have better things to do than hate on a teenager), but while we may occasionally find ourselves singing along to his awards show performances, there are some things we just don’t want to see.

Like him making out with a fan… or practically devouring her entire head, as the case may be.
The photo of Biebs macking a fan surfaced on ZackTaylor.ca, the same site that posted those nude maybe-Miley photos last month. It was taken several months ago, presumably before Bieber started hanging out with Selena Gomez on a snuggle-basis.
“Justin and my friend Michelle kissed behind the Four Seasons Hotel downtown a few months ago while he was in town for a concert,” wrote the reader. “I didn’t feel right about releasing it before, but now its fine cuz its been a while.”
Riiiight. There’s no time like the present, when he’s been in the news for his new relationship with a Disney darling, to release a semi-scandalous (okay, not really) hook-up photo.
Hey, Justin – learn from Miley’s mistakes! If there is a camera present — or a random creepy “friend” who happens to be waving a camera phone around — do nothing.
Posted by:Carina MacKenzie