Justin Bieber.jpgHe’s just the cutest plague-spreader in all the land! Justin Bieber‘s special “This is Justin Bieber” special just aired on TLC, showing us what happens when Beliebers get to meet the object of their affection.

The special gave us a concert and a look at Bieber’s fans in London. It also showed us that the magical teen music sensation who is not only a drum prodigy, a dancer and a superstar singer, but also insanely nice has one flaw. He really, really can’t do a British accent. He’s just awful at it. It’s good to know he isn’t a perfect little peanut after all.

We also got to meet two true Beliebers who explained that being a Belieber isn’t just about loving his music. It means you have to know dates and likes and details, and most of all, sob like crazy when the very sweet Justin Bieber comes in to surprise you with tickets to his concert. Okay, fine. We totally get it. We’re putting on our purple in his honor.

Posted by:jbusch