justin bieber water bottle Justin Bieber invites Casey Heynes, bullied teen, on stage in MelbourneThe video went viral: Australian teen Casey Heynes had had about enough of being bullied. When classmates surrounded him – with a video camera – and began taunting him, he picked up the bully who was punching him and slammed him to the ground, then walked away. 

If you missed it, you can watch the video here — but chances are you’ve seen it, as has teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. Bieber, who has been a victim of bullying himself, invited Heynes to come to his concert in Melbourne — he even paid for the kid’s plane ticket.
Then he invited Heynes on stage and, in front of thousands of fans, thanked him for being an inspiration and encouraging kids to “stand up for what they believe in.”

“pretty special night tonight in MELBOURNE,” Bieber tweeted, including a link to an interview with Casey. “surprised someone me and the team look up to. a kid with a lot of courage. this is Casey the punisher…a kid who stood up for himself against bullying. a real life hero. his story. well 2nite we tracked down Casey and his family and flew him to the show. Thank you Casey. #stopbullying”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie