justin bieber crazy week gi Justin Bieber: Lessons from a strange, fan groping, car lending weekEven for someone as ubiquitous as he is, Justin Bieber had a pretty heavy week in the celebrity-news spotlight.

His $200,000 Ferrari was pulled over multiple times. He was photographed apparently grabbing a female fan’s breast. Photos of him reportedly smoking marijuana are circulating again. And, oh yeah, he has a new album out.

Let’s break down Bieber’s busy week.

The grope: Bieber was photographed this week cupping a fan’s breast while
kissing her on the cheek at a meet-and-greet event. The woman doesn’t
seem to mind, but it’s not exactly the most mannerly move.

The lesson: There are cameras everywhere. Come on.

The photos: A month ago, a photo of Bieber smoking pot surfaced, which led to the pop star claiming he owns the rights to any photos of him taken at parties and inspired a brief and horrible “Cut for Bieber” trend online.

Now, TMZ is reporting that more photos of Bieber smoking weed with his buddies, in addition to ones of him at a party where there was a bottle of codeine-laced cough syrup (aka “purple drank” or “sizzurp,” popularized by rappers including Lil Wayne).

The lesson: Either stop it, or at least take it behind closed doors. Bieber, like a lot of 18-year-olds, may be trying out some adult vices. If he cares about the perception of his behavior, he’ll stop these leaks — or better yet, cut out the behavior.

The car: Bieber’s Ferrari was involved in the New Year’s day death of
paparazzo Chris Guerra. Bieber had lent the car to his friend, rapper
Lil Twist
, who was driving at the time of the accident. Twice this week,
another rapper friend, Lil Za, was pulled over by police, once for the
car’s too-dark tinted windows and once for reportedly making an illegal

The lesson: Maybe don’t let your friends borrow your incredibly expensive, paparazzi magnet of a car.

The album: “Believe Acoustic,” a stripped-down version of his 2012 album with a couple of new tracks, debuted this week. It’s expected to hit No. 1 on the next Billboard album chart.

The lesson: With an army of Beliebers, transgressions like the ones above may not matter all that much.

Posted by:Rick Porter