justin bieber shirtless nearly pantsless instagram Justin Bieber peels off his overalls for shirtless and nearly pantsless photo

Justin Bieber tweeted a self-portrait that was missing one minor component — his face. The pop star snapped a photo of himself shirtless and nearly pantsless in the mirror at a gym.
In the photo, Bieber has a pair of overalls peeled almost all the way off, exposing way more than we ever wanted to see of the “Boyfriend” singer’s briefs. His caption reads, “Back in the gym.” 
Don’t most people strip down almost all the way to their skivvies to get a good work out in?
Just under an hour after posting the photo, the Biebs tweeted, “good workout. #focused.” Now, no one’s accusing Bieber of not actually being focused — or using a ghost tweeter — but in between those two tweets were several retweets, a picture post and a video link. One thing that can be said for Bieber — the boy can multi-task.

For the record, the Biebs seems to really like those overalls that barely cover his private parts in the photo. He was pictured in the same pair accepting “The Diamond Jubilee Medal” from the Canadian Prime Minister — a move that didn’t sit too well with Canadians.
At press time, the nearly naked photo had received almost 56,000 retweets and more than 44,000 likes. Beliebers, must you encourage this type of behavior?

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