justin bieber new song live stream Shirtless Justin Bieber explains live stream failure, debuts new music for fans

If Justin Bieber‘s plan with his “live stream” was to distract fans from the three-hour-long 55th Grammy Awards, then he did a great job. After his planned live stream didn’t work out, he tried to post another on UStream, which also failed. Then Bieber announced that he would upload a new song to Twitter to make up for the live stream letdown, but that took a good hour to happen.

“So um I’m sorry that my UStream didn’t work or my live stream didn’t work, but I’m going to do a video right now so that I can play you guys some of my new music and maybe get my little brother and sister out here because they’re with me right now,” Bieber explained in the video posted. “I’m on vacation, that’s one of the reasons I have really slow Internet. and I wish that I could have fast internet so that I could be on Live Stream, but it’s just not working and my fans are just over populating the sites and I just don’t think it’s going to work, so I’m going to make a video of my playing new music.”

At least fans did get part of a new track out of the whole situation. Bieber’s video, titled “Sorry,” offers the above apology, the music and a glimpse at his younger siblings. It’s not much, and might not be worth the hours wasted for Bieber to post this but… who are we kidding? At least Bieber posted something, right?

Do you think Bieber was actually having technical difficulties, or do you think he just wanted to detract from the Grammys? Was the new music worth the wait?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz