justin bieber sex doll justin beaver Justin Bieber sex doll sells out   Or was it pulled?

If you had big plans to stuff someone’s stocking with the Justin Bieber sex doll, you may be out of luck. Gawker tried to warn you the product may not last long, seeing as how it’s “unofficial” and all.
The company that brings you such fine products as the “Finally Mylie Love Doll,” introduced the “Just-In Beaver Love Doll” just in time for the holiday shopping season.
Word spread that the anatomically correct, “barely legal boy-toy” could be under your Christmas tree for the low price of $32.95, and either the doll flew off shelves “Tickle Me Elmo” style, or Justin Bieber’s legal team got involved.
As of now, the product page on the Pipedream Products web store indicates the doll is “Out of Stock.” Since some promotional images can’t be enlarged, but display a message, “New product shot coming soon,” it’s likely the item was pulled. 
Still, randy Beliebers should not give up hope. This could have been a temporary move on the part of the company, in an effort to adjust Beaver’s package to meet copyright guidelines.
Bieber was previously involved in a legal matter with a mobile gaming app developer for parodying his image under the name “Joustin’ Beaver.”
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