justin bieber bald kimmel Justin Bieber shaves his head*; nation in mourningAn era ended late Thursday (Feb. 10). Justin Bieber‘s celebrated hair is no more, thanks to “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Candlelight vigils for “the Bieber” will be held at theaters across the country Friday prior to the start of every showing of Bieber’s concert movie/biopic “Never Say Never.”

(*Or, you know, not. Considering you can sort of see the seam of the bald cap on his temple, we’re guessing that Justin’s hair does, in fact, remain intact. So hold off on sending the hate mail to Kimmel.)

Bieber was the sole (announced) guest on Kimmel’s show Thursday, and the two talked extensively about the movie and his career. They were eventually joined by Sean Combs, who advised all the boys of America to go see the film (“Be smart enough to know that all of the girls are gonna be at the movies this weekend”) and tried to talk Bieber out his haircut.

No dice, though. After a break, Bieber returned in full conehead mode, his head matching that of the misnumbered Michael Jordan statue (the result of a bit where Kimmel shopped for Valentine’s gifts on Craigslist) in the background.

The two clips are below.

Posted by:Rick Porter