bieber someday macys Justin Bieber tackled by man at Macy'sPop sensation Justin Bieber was tackled by an unidentified man on Thursday, June 23, while debuting his new perfume, “Someday,” at Macy’s Herald Square in Manhattan.

After posing for pictures, Bieber decided to greet his fans outside who hadn’t made it into the unveiling. Witnesses say the man leaped over a metal barrier and tackled Bieber, knocking him to the ground. (Bieber’s team denies he was knocked to the ground.) Other witnesses claim they saw Bieber swinging back at the man.

“I saw that guy going around, but I didn’t think anything about it, but
all of a sudden he just jumped,” one witness said. “Three guys were holding this guy back.”

TMZ reports that the man was an undercover cop who jumped the barricade when Bieber’s fans became too rowdy. After the undercover cop identified himself, he cited a member of Bieber’s security team for disorderly conduct.

Thankfully, Bieber wasn’t injured but was “shaken up,” according to reports. After the incident, Bieber attended a “Meet and Greet” with 300 fans.

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