justin bieber vanity fair Justin Bieber takes over 'Vanity Fair,' Facebook commenters go nuts

Justin Bieber: Singer, heartthrob, and now Vanity Fair editor? For one week, at least. 
The mag announced on Monday (Jan. 10) that JB would be the first-ever guest editor via Facebook, prompting Beliebers and non-Beliebers alike to voice their (strong) opinions on the social networking site. 
VF readers were quick to diss Bieber Fever, saying quite simply, “this has got to be a joke” and calling it “absolutely ridiculous.” One reader posts, “I have always been a vocal fan and loyal reader of VF. This is not the caliber your readers expect of your magazine. The covers and articles were bad enough, but editorial?! He is a teen sensation that belongs only in Tiger Beat and tabloids.” 
A Vanity Fair rep took on the commenters, replying “Well, it’s good to know we can still trust you folks for uncensored feedback! That said, we trust the adults among us will show some courtesy to our young guest.” This of course, prompting more angry retorts.
Ignoring nay-sayers, the Biebs took to the site early on Monday. “Pretty cool that I get to host the Vanity Fair Facebook page this week. I’m proud of my interview and cover — it was the most intense interview I’ve ever done,” he posts. “Gonna be a fun week — make sure you make some comments because I will send one random fan who writes in the comments section a signed copy of my book.” 
Among the hundreds of “likes” and more than 1K comments, are predictably misspelled professions of love, teenage desperation and of course a little #NeverSayNever action. 
One fan writes, “you are not only an amazing artist who has a voice to die for, a laugh that could brighten the room, a great voice that makes the birds silent, dance moves that make girls scream till they have no voice, but you have a true inspirational arist [sic] and you really do. you are not famous just because. you actually have real talent and an inspiration story that makes people believe. you are truely [sic] one of a kind. #NEVERSAYNEVER and thx for every thing.”
Vanity Fair’s blatant disregard for their target demographic has spawned obvious hilarity, but we’re not sure which is funnier: The outpouring of “OMG’s,” “luv” and hashtags from Bieber nation, or the absolute horror of loyal readers whose lives been ruined by this travesty.
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci