255664602 Justin Bieber trapped in a fan riot? Hotel shut down by Bieber maniaIt’s hard being the most obsessed-over teenager on earth.

On Thursday, Justin Bieber found himself trapped in his hotel in Liverpool, England, where he’s currently on tour. Bieber tweeted a photo from inside the hotel of the growing crowd outside: hundreds of screaming fans lined the street outside his building.

“this is crazy. there are like thousands of people out there,” he writes. “love everybody but gonna try and get some sleep. please dont scream. lol”

His attempt to shush the mob didn’t work. According to TMZ, things got so dangerous that officers told Bieber that if he went outside on his balcony, he’d be arrested for inciting a riot. (You don’t even want to know what would happen if he went outside on his balcony and did his signature hair flip. You don’t. Want. To. Know.)

Biebs was supposed to explore Liverpool today and check out historical Beatles-related sights, but instead, he’s living the Beatles life – it’s full-on Beatlemania out there. The hotel has had to station guards outside the door to keep the situation from escalating.

Finally, Justin was allowed to wave to everyone. “that was great! got to say hi to everyone. we are following the rules. lol. #LOVEMYFANS,” he tweeted.

Now if only he could leave his $1,200 a night suite…

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie