justin bieber horizontal Justin Bieber turns 16, already wants a Range Roger

Justin Bieber turned 16 on Monday (March 1). Last weekend, he went bowling with his family and went to see the Lakers and even met Kobe Bryant, as he tweeted.
And he’s already mentally car shopping. The petite pop star was spotted zipping around Miami in Sean Kingston’s Ferrari F430 sportscar last month.
That was awesome, but  he tells People he’s thinking bigger: “I think I want a Range Rover.”

]]>A Range Rover? Has no one told him about the gas and energy crisis? Do kids go from Transformer trucks  to honkin’ huge SUVs that fast?

However, P Diddy had promised him a cool set of wheels, his Lamborghini, on his Sweet Sixteen. But Bieber says, “We all know Diddy’s not gonna give me his Lamborghini. He’s all talk.”
Yeah, we knew that.