justin bieber nightclub fight Justin Bieber under investigation: Did he make his bodyguards beat up a man?Justin Bieber could get in some big trouble over a recent fight his entourage was involved in. Though at the time it was reported that Bieber wasn’t involved in the beating of a man named Wayne Rennalls, police are investigating whether he ordered his bodyguards to attack.

“That would be part of the investigation, whether Bieber directed them or not,” Southampton, NY police tell The New York Post. Bieber’s representatives claim the 19-year-old pop star wasn’t involved in the fight.

The incident started when Bieber showed up at a Southampton club called South Pointe at around 2 a.m. and took over the VIP section. At the same club, a waitress borrowed a bowtie Rennalls was wearing. According to reports, she went up to Bieber’s area to try to say hi, and Rennalls followed to get his bowtie back. At that point Bieber’s security “got in [Rennalls’] face” and the situation was moved outside.

Sources tell the Daily News that Rennalls thought someone threw something out him outside, so he threw a rock back at Bieber. That’s when Bieber reportedly “jumped through the sunroof [of the SUV] onto the hood” and the entourage beat up Rennalls. In the end, Rennalls was hospitalized with bruised ribs, a broken lip and a black eye, and filed an assault claim. It remains to be seen who is determined guilty and who gets punished in this situation.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz